Justin Bieber Cancels Purpose Tour

Alright beliebers… We know you’ve heard by now and if you haven’t sorry to break it to you but JUSTIN BIEBER HAS OFFICIALLY CANCELLED THE REMAINING PURPOSE TOUR due to “unforeseen circumstances” #CryingRN!!!


Embed from Getty Images

This may or may not come as a surprise being that he had recently been banned from performing in China due to his bad behavior. So sad because he had upcoming tours scheduled throughout Southeast Asia as well as in the United States.

Last year, some fans had urged Justin to cancel his tour over fears for his mental health. Is he having a mental breakdown!?

He had admitted to feeling depressed and had walked out in the middle of his performances on several occasions; which leads me to believe that he might need time to himself, some soul searching or even a longgggg vaca!

POOR JUSTIN! We can all agree that mental health should always be a priority, so we hope you get better beau thang!

So ladies and gents, before you start crying about this (like my sister already has), remember he is also a person just like you and I!

Lets hope its nothing serious and not over Audreyana Michelle, the girl he was just spotted with!

Comment below of what you think about this situation!!

xoxo- @TotallyB.S


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