KIM & KANYE WEST Baby No. 3?!


We all saw this coming when Kim was having baby fever on the last season of KUWTK!

With recent events, such as the robbery in Paris, Kim’s outlook on life has  completely changed 180- in a good way! She said she is happy this incident happened to her because in a weird way it humbled her and reminded her how precious life is- here one day and gone the next.

KUWTK gave us a good look into Kim’s pregnancies with North and Saint’s and the uphill battles she faced. After two kids, Kim was diagnosed with Placenta Accreta, which would make another pregnancy life-threatening for both Kim and the baby.

According to TMZ, Kim and Kanye hired a surrogate for baby number three and the surrogate is already three months pregnant.

“So Kim and Kanye have found a surrogate through an agency and agreed to pay the following

— $45,000 in 10, $4,500 monthly installments

— If there are multiples, the surrogate gets $5k for each additional kid

— If the surrogate loses reproductive organs, she gets $4,000”

Kim had expressed her concerns about hiring a surrogate because there are so many risks that come with it. You have to worry about what the surrogate is doing, eating, drinking and not smoking.
Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 11.38.58 AMScreen Shot 2017-07-27 at 11.39.07 AM
We definitely know that there is an extensive contract that outlines the expectations for the surrogate, but these details have not yet been made available.

Kim and Kayne having another baby is so exciting and clearly money is not a problem for the two who have built huge empires- need I list the million trillion different projects they own?!?!?!

Congrats to the couple! I wonder if they will have multiples, what do you think?

XXO @TotallyB.S



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