Justin Bieber Hits the Paparazzi

It’s been a crazy week for Justin Bieber. From having to cancel his tour over personal reasons to coming out of a worship service only to run over the paparazzi!!

After watching the video that TMZ posted it is clear that he did not see him!! He was so bombarded by the paparazzi, probably blinding his view as he tried driving away! And although he did rev his engine a bit, his intentions were not to harm anyone but to simply get them out of the driveway.

Give the guy some SPACE!!! He needs some Jesus in his life!! Don’t we all?!

After the incident, Maurice Lamont (the paparazzo) came out with a video expressing his thoughts on the situation. He stated, “He got out. He was compassionate. He’s a good kid, accidents happen.”

So thankful everyone is ok!

Check out our podcast here to hear our thoughts and more about this situation!!

XOXO- @TotallyB.S



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