Selena’s Fetish

Selena Gomez Has given us some pretty amazing music over the years and her new stuff does not disappoint. It is a little different from what we’re used to hearing though. So say goodbye to the old Selena. And say hello to…


THIS?? Haha no she’s still as gorgeous as ever!!

In her new music video for Fetish We see a very vulnerable side of her. It seems as though she is able to finally liberate some sort of sexual repression but in a weird, artistic way. In one scene she is seen rolling around on the floor in the kitchen and in the freezer. In another scene, she is taking a bite off a bar of soap and a tube of lipstick. UMM??? OK.. That’s cool I guess.. If you’re into that sort of thing.

In an interview with Dazed magazine she says, “I love the video because it shows the very dirty, gross and weird love you can have towards someone. This is how obsessive some people get and how they release. I’m obsessed with these weird ASMR videos. I think about how our bodies react to sounds and movement.”

I guess we all have our ways of expressing ourselves and our love for someone. As for us, we’ll be sticking to the “I love yous” and butt grabbing!! LOL!

XOXO- @TotallyB.S



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