The Bachelorette Men

Peter Kraus was a male model?! SWOOON!!!

Lee Garrett apologizes for being a racist? Finally…

Dean Unglert is heading to Paradise?! *All the heart eyes*

In our most recent podcast we talk about The Men Tell All, Sierra’s tooth decay (JK HAHA) and the SPICE GIRLS!!!

But before we get there, let’s admire Peter in all his glory…



Look at those abs.. I mean eyes.. BUT WAIT… There’s more..


& you’re welcome!!

For more on Peter and the Bachelor Men, listen to our podcast now available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Let us know who you are most excited to see on Bachelor in Paradise? And who you think will be the next Bachelor? Also what Spice Girl should we be? So many questions, so little time!

Comment below and let us know what you think!!

XOXO, @TotallyBS

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