TotallyB.S Episode 4

On last night’s finale.. Rachel Lindsay chose Bryan Abasolo.


Let’s just say we were heartbroken!! I mean was anyone actually happy about her decicion?! Was anyone #TeamBryan??!!

We were #TeamPeter from the very beginning and to see how it all went down for him was heart wrenching.


We also got to see the new Bachelor in Paradise trailer!! What do you think??


What’s Totally Trending??

The Ta-Ta Towel!! Wait.. What?! LOL!


Click HERE for more information!!

Sierra says #TotallyBS and Brenda says #TotallyAwesome


Happy Birthday Shawn Mendes!!


You’ve come a long way since MAGCON!! #TotallyAwesome


Mom’s funny back to school photo gets some backlash!!


Mom Shaming needs to Stop!!

So in this case the photo is #TotallyAwesome and the shaming is #TotallyBS

XOXO, @TotallyB.S


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