Writing about yourself is really odd. Let me tell you how amazing we are! We are FHIT, we do community service and we are family girls.

HAHAH SIKE! So yes, the above statement is true, but in reality we curse, we fart and we are HUMAN!

Sierra- AKA me- 1000% you know me from social media and possibly from Chasing Cameron on Netflix.

I have a B.S. in Communications, which really is a BS degree to get LOL! Can’t tell if it was easy because I love communciations or  because we all know how to communicate… right?

My mom is my hero, my brother is Cameron Dallas & please get it straight “HE LOOKS LIKE ME” and Brentskies is a pain in my ass… I mean, THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!

I’m a crazy cat lady & obsessed with my snow dogs! Do you really need to ask if they’re on social media?

That pretty much sums up Sierra Dallas!


Hey Everyone! I’m Brenda and most of you don’t know me yet… just know we’re about to be best friends!

Unlike goodie two shoes, I didn’t graduate college and only went for two years where ironically enough, I was a communications major too! LOL

Badass Brenda, yes I just spoke in third person, decided to get married at the age of 20 to my high school sweetheart, J. Love makes you do crazy things right?! *hint* *hint* Brent…!!!

My husband was in the army and got the “call” so a few days after getting married we headed to Okinawa, Japan for 2 1/2 years! KONNICHIWA!!

Got knocked up haha JUST KIDDING! No, but really lol we decided to have a baby while in Japan! Now I’m a mommy to two beautiful wild kids who help me pull my hair out piece by piece!

#Momlife is insane, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! No greater joy!

My hobbies include changing diapers, doing laundry.. SIKE.. Haha but I do love talking, meeting new people, and letting loose with my best friends!!

xoxo// Brenda Heritage